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Either as an individual, group or company, you can become a #GreenLife volunteer.


Help amplify the message across digital media channels to create more awareness


Donate your plastics and other recyclables to our mother-and-child care program.

Keeping Up With #GreenLife

We realise that we will only achieve minimal impact without the collective effort of people and the communities. Please join us as we combat the reckless pollution of our dear planet. Sign up below.



Who can become a partner/volunteer

The Green Life project is open to all (individuals, groups and companies) who have a desire towards environmental protection.

How can I join the campaign

You can sign up as a volunteer, donor, advocate or purchase any of our merchandise products. Simply fill out the sign up form.

What are the activities of the project?

We carry out periodic sensitization exercises in designated areas across the country. In addition, we engage individuals, companies, NGOs, the government and other stakeholders on the issue of environmental degradation and the importance of recycling.


of all sales, donations and conversions towards the mother-and-child-care program

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